Mission Values


“The pursuit of compassion, dignity and hope.” – Helen Bamber

We work with the consequences of conflict, violence and pain without fear or prejudice.


  • We will take on the challenge of difficult conversations.
  • We will bring together people’s experience to influence systemic change.
  • We will champion the rights of those who have experienced harm.


  • We are trustworthy, transparent and honest in everything we do.
  • We will engage with integrity and dignity.


  • Through dignity and respect we will create a safe place to listen and understand your
  • We will help to create pathways of support.


  • We will be influential in repairing and mediating relationships.
  • Through the collation of experience we will develop a strong and credible voice to inform learning and promote change.
  • We will influence the development and commissioning of services for individuals and
    families who have experienced harm.

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