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Provide support for individuals, families and relatives who have experienced harm.

  • Incidents where publicly funded services have failed to offer appropriate support and intervention resulting in severe harm or death
  • Violent crime resulting in severe harm or death; including homicide and manslaughter.
  • Road Death incidents
  • Death as a result of domestic violence 

Influence the development, commissioning and provision of private, public and voluntary sector services.

  • Providing a collective voice for families and individuals
  • Restoring relationships between individuals, communities and organisations through mediation and conciliation
  • The advancement of education in the support and care of individuals and their families who have experienced violent crime, traumatic loss and harm
  • The promotion of research and the dissemination of the useful results of such research
  • Facilitating learning and support the training of organisations
  • The development of, and adherence to, quality assurance frameworks including Duty of Candor
  • Working alongside organisations to ensure they support practices to mitigate harm
  • Working with legislators to ensure that the rights of individuals who have experienced violent crime, traumatic loss and harm are upheld and built in to statute where this is not already the case

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